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BlacktipH Monster Shark Rig

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MADE IN THE USA: The BlackitpH Saltwater gear surf fishing lure rig is Made in the USA and designed by Josh at BlacktipH to make catching sharks from the beach, boat, pier, or jetty easy and fun for everyone! Professionally crimped in tied by Tackle Crafters in South Florida. Making quality fishing tackle in the USA since 1947!

  • EASY TO USE: Whether you are fishing off the beach, on a boat in the ocean, this shark fishing rig is designed to for everyone! Just throw it in your bag. From novice to expert this rig makes shark fishing easy. Just tie it on and bait the hook. It's that simple.

  • QUALITY GEAR: Fishing tackle, equipment, and gear gets abused and tested every time you hit the water. This rig is made with the highest quality components. 

  • SALTWATER GRADE: Saltwater anglers know that the ocean puts all of your saltwater fishing gear to the test. Every component on this rig is made with saltwater grade product that is ready to catch sharks and other saltwater species like redfish, red drum, grouper, snapper, tarpon, and many more. If you want to use this as a live bait rig just remove the weight from the snap and free line a live bait caught with a cast net or sabiki rig. Tight Lines!


    • 20 feet of 700lb Monofilament Fishing Line
    • 6 feet of #19 Single Strand Wire
    • 16/0 Demon Perfect Mustad Circle Hook
    • 500lb 6/0 Rosco swivels
    • Mono is crimped with Aluminum sleeves
    • Wire is machine tied by a haywire twist on each end
    • Made and Assembled in the USA