BlacktipH Live Bait Rigs - Large

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  • VARIETY OF SIZES: Each rig features a black nickel circle hook made in the USA. Each rig also uses the perfect pound test leader for the corresponding hook size so that your bait will swim perfectly through the water without to much draw or hindrance.

  • STRONG AND DEPENDABLE: Each rig features a 42" Premium Fluorocarbon Leader and has been hand tied and tested in the USA. Each hook has been professionally snelled to ensure a secure connection so that you will never lose a fish. 

  • LIVE OR DEAD BAIT: Perfect for fishing Live or Dead Bait inshore or offshore from small baits to large baits.

  • EASY TO USE: Do not worry about the setting the hook or missing the big one!!! With the Ultra Sharp circle hooks the fish will hook itself after eating your bait. After the fish puts your bait in its mouth and begins to swim away the circle hook will slide into the corner of its mouth giving you a perfect hook set every time!!!


    • 42" of 80lb Premium Fluorocarbon Leader
    • 10/0 Black Nickel Circle Hook
    • Premium Rosco Swivel
    • Made and Assembled in the USA